Voluntary Tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan

In order to strengthen the support in the English Language supplementary learning through the Supplementary English Online Courses for Schools and Students to the participating grass-roots students, this Voluntary tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan is established to gather the volunteers from the senior secondary schools, universities and tertiary education institutes, and other volunteers to participate into this Plan to provide their voluntary free distant NL course tutoring to the participating grass-roots students.

Volunteers are welcome to visit us here to register as the voluntary tutors by providing their preferred available time schedule for distant NL course tutoring so that the participating grass-roots students can search for their matching tutor from the anonymous voluntary tutor list at this website for support request, matching and tutoring arrangement confirmation.

The distant NL course tutoring can be conducted via the available tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams etc. with the one appropriate to both participating students and tutor.

As an action plan based on loving, applying what has been learned, contributing back to the society, encouraging and helping grass-roots students in their needs, we hope that students and tutors who are interested in participating in the Plan will understand and agree to support and provide the voluntary tutoring in accordance with the following recommended key requirements for voluntary tutors.

Suggested Voluntary Tutor Key Requirements

* 15 years of age or above (with parents’/guardian’s authorization and agreement for candidate of age below 18 years), natural persons with Form 4 or above standard.

* Willing to assist the grassroots students in distant NL English course tutoring by heart and with love to encourage and assist them in their study.

* Willing to provide non-stop voluntary distant NL English course tutoring in a minimum period of time (e.g. from December 1, 2020 to the end of June/July 2021), without the need for students to change and adapt to new tutor(s) during the study period, so that the students can be assisted till the school year end and examination to have progress in learning and results.

* To provide, according to their own qualifications and English proficiency, the grades of students for his/her voluntary distant NL English course tutoring provision .

* To provide his/her weekly available time period for providing distant NL English course tutoring for the registered students to make a tutoring match and arrangement request.

* A Certificate of Commendation will be granted to the Voluntary Tutors who have completed the full period of student tutoring as suggested above.

Details and start-date of the tutor online registration will be announced here later.

Supporting organizations

Principal Chan Free Tutorial World

Voluntary Tutor Registration