School Program

Supplementary English Online Courses for Schools and Students

Application Flow Diagram

As the Asia pacific representative of Net Languages S.L. (NL), Smart Campus Consultancy Ltd. (Smart Campus) provides the NL products and services under our educational brand of “FPK Academy” in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific areas starting from October 2020.

We are pleased in having the NL’s great support in providing their English products and services in different discounted price options for the schools and students in Hong Kong. Under this special program as contribution to the community, certified grass-roots students nominated by schools opting the whole school students’ participation scheme (WSSP) would be provided with a free participation. Furthermore, Smart Campus would provide a free platform for the voluntary tutors to register and participate into the Voluntary Tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan to provide distant NL course tutoring to the certified grass-roots students nominated by schools under this special program.

With the right tool, encouraged and supported by school and family, students can understand themselves more and be self-developing to work their own targets out.

The well-srtuctured NL English courses are well recognized by the educational institutes worldwide. Since 2008, Net Languages has been working with and providing the English online courses for the Joint University Librarians Advisory Committee (JULAC) for its member universities and institutes to serve as their interesting and relevant digital English language content in the libraries.

The participating JULAC members include:

* Chinese University of Hong Kong
* City University of Hong Kong
* Education University of Hong Kong
* Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
* Hong Kong Baptist University
* Hong Kong Polytechnic University
* Lingnan University
* The University of Hong Kong
* Vocational Training Council

Program Participation Options

School students can participate into this program as,

* Individual school student
* All students in a school (WSSP)

Program coverage

* General English Courses Essential, Premium, or Premium Plus (Please refer to NL-FPKA website for details)
* IESLT Series of courses and tests, etc.
* Free additional resources support
* Student study progress and result review
* FPKA Forum for school students with individual student participation
* Whole school students’ participation (WSSP) with,
– Individual school forum
– Student forum posts coaching and management
– Student study progress and result review
– Teacher administration
– Free participation of certified grass-roots students nominated by the school
– Free participation of certified grass-roots students in the Voluntary Tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan (under planning and arrangement ) with free distant course tutoring by the voluntary tutors (subject to the availability of voluntary tutors registered)
* Optional NL tutoring packages with CELTA with minimum 2 years distant tutoring experience or similar tutors provided

Grass-roots Students

Grass-roots students covered in this special program are,

* Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme supporting students
* Students currently living with family in a partitioned room

Voluntary Tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan

* Voluntary distant tutoring for grass-roots students under planning and arrangement
* Voluntary tutors registered at FPKA website for their participation
* Program participated students search and engage available tutor via FPKA website by their own arrangement
* Service availability subject to voluntary higher secondary and tertiary study students participation in the Voluntary Tutoring for Grass-roots Students Plan.
* Target start-date of registration at around mid November, 2020.

For more detailed information and discussion, please advise us at

WhatsApp: +43-688-60728372

Student Registration

Voluntary Tutor Registration